Year End Wrap Up

I did it! I’m down to the last few days of 2014 and I have not purchased one new piece of clothing this year. To be fair, I’m not much of a clotheshorse, even though I work in fashion. Shopping doesn’t really excite me, so this project was a bit easier for me.   Even though it […]

First Sweater of the Season: Bedford

Bedford was a nice, easy project to bring me back into the world of knitting. After analyzing my wardrobe over the past few months, I realized I was in serious need of some comfy, cozy pullovers in my wardrobe and this pullover fit the bill. I knit Bedford up in the suggested yarn, Brooklyn Tweed Shelter […]

Fall is for Knitting

I’ve been knitting! Aren’t you proud of me? It really has been forever since I’ve posted a sweater project here. I think the last one I finished was…….I can’t even remember the name! I think it was back in January. I started working on Hane while I was in Florida and when I returned I […]

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