First Pair! Plus Felting By Hand

I started working on my slippers on Friday night. In about a half an hour, I had two souls. Today I turned out 4 sides and two tabs in about an hour and a half. Now they needed to be felted, but I don’t have a washing machine, I would have to wait til I […]

One Row Buttonhole Tutorial

Since most of my designs are cardigans, I thought it might be nice to share one of my favorite buttonhole techniques. I’ve been told by some knitters and tech editors that it that is not used too often. Or maybe it’s just one of those secret knitting techniques people just don’t talk about. Either way, […]

More Guinevere Lace Help

After writing the tutorial the other day for decreasing in lace, I still wasn’t happy and felt I needed to add some more info to the pattern to help. Decreasing in lace isn’t always the easiest thing to figure out (I’ve certainly had my days!) so if I could pour over some graph paper and […]

Guinevere: FAQ decreasing in lace

Q: When I get to pattern 2, where do I start in the chart when decreasing? How does that work? A: When decreasing in lace (or increasing for that matter) the most important thing to remember is to make sure every yo is paired with a decrease. Why? Well, a yo is an increase and […]

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