Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool 2015

A spinning class, reunited friends, Rhinebeck house cats, knitting by the fire, lamb sandwiches, apple cider donuts, fleece, pretty trees, yarn, sheep, and snow!┬áThis pretty much sums up Rhinebeck 2015. The beautiful trees steal the show every year My friend Kathryn giving a Tunic sheep a smooch My friend and I┬ákicked off the weekend by […]

Slow Fashion October

A little late with this post (how is October already half way over?) and I was almost about to skip it all together. After all, Slow Fashion October is all in what you want to make of it. No pressure! No daily wardrobe selfies if that isn’t you thing. There isn’t even a pledge to […]

I’ve Fallen Down the Rabbit Hole, It’s called Spinning

For years, I have resisted the siren call of spinning. I had too much on my plate with designing and just couldn’t afford to give any of my time away to one more hobby. I used every excuse in the book. It takes too long to spin yarn. Why spin it when you can buy […]

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