A Tasty Floral Macaron

I finished my Colette Macron a few weeks ago, but it’s awfully hard to get a picture around here lately. I really need to get myself a tripod! The process of fitting this dress was a little frustrating at first. When I cut out the pattern, I was in a little bit of a hurry […]

The Saga of the Skirt

I’ve been nursing a sinus infection for two weeks and decided I should probably take it easy this weekend. So on Saturday, I didn’t have much on my agenda besides a few chores and sewing up a skirt. The problem was my meds make me a little loopy and a bit tired. When I’m tired, […]

It’s selfish sewing week…

And my machine is in the shop. Nothing serious, just thought the old girl could use a good cleaning since she was put away for 10 years and I’m using her a lot. This was pretty poor planning on my part, but I’ll survive. It makes you think though, selfish sewing week. As knitters, don’t […]

Planning a Wardrobe

Now that Albion is finished and my hubby’s sweater is almost complete, I’m busy searching for my next knitting and sewing project. Planning out my wardrobe is making the task of selecting a new project a little bit harder than usual. Normally, I see something I like and I make it. If it’s out of […]


Here she is in all her wooly glory! Meet Albion. The sew along for Albion finished up today and my hubby got home just in time to take these pictures so I could enter it in the sew along contest. First prize is a brand new Bernina sewing machine, so I’m giving it a shot!. […]

Albion Progress Update #3

Eureka! I have finally managed to perfect the fit of the sleeve! My muslin is finally complete after three weeks of fussing and I couldn’t be happier. Super grainy iPhone shot Other than the sleeve, there weren’t too many other adjustments that needed to be made. I let out the hips slightly, nipped in the […]

Albion Progress Update #2

After almost giving up on my coat project two days ago, I think I’m close to solving my sleeve problem. Last night I did a victory round on my Stasis Pullover after I drafted my third attempt at a well fitting sleeve. I may be writing about nothing but sewing lately, but of course I […]

Albion progress update #1

I finally had some free time this weekend, sans husband, to spread all of my muslin and pattern paper all over the floor and make a mess of the place. I vaguely remember now, that one of the reasons I don’t sew too much anymore, is how hard it is crawling along on the floor […]

Wardrobe Architect

One of my goals this year is to make more of my own clothing. While I’m quite covered in the sweater area, my sewing has taken the back seat for the last 12 years. While attending FIT, I loved sewing. I made all sorts of things from leggings to tailored jackets complete with leopard lining. […]

Catching Up

Over Labor Day weekend, I finally had some time to catch up and relax a little bit. Surprisingly, it included very little knitting. I seem to have caught the sewing bug again and am working on Rooibos from Colette Patterns. So far, I’ve constructed my muslin test garment and made a few adjustments to the […]

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