Fall is for Knitting

I’ve been knitting! Aren’t you proud of me? It really has been forever since I’ve posted a sweater project here. I think the last one I finished was…….I can’t even remember the name! I think it was back in January. I started working on Hane while I was in Florida and when I returned I […]

Saltspring the Second

Three weekends ago, when my friend graciously let me takeover her apartment and use her cutting table for the day, I had two things on my agenda. The first was to cut out my Bombshell, the second was to cut out my muslin for McCalls 6696. I figured that while I was there, I might […]

The Cutest Three-toed Sloth…in a Poncho

Today we have something totally different on this little old knitting blog of mine, actual knitting! My co-worker loves sloths. Absolutely adores them. It just so happens that she is also a few days away from having a little baby girl. So what does a knitter do? Well, knit a three-toed sloth in a poncho […]

Oui, Oui! I Made Another Dress!

For my trip to Florida, I decided that not only did I need a new swimsuit, but I needed to make a new dress for the occasion as well. I found this amazing silk hibiscus print fabric at Mood back in May and had to have it. A nice, smaller scale Hawaiian print is hard […]


I made a new swimsuit! And I love it! The Bombshell really was a joy to sew. It went together pretty easily, fit modifications were simple, and it only took about 2 days to finish up. Also, I made the entire swimsuit on my sewing machine. Using a serger is optional! I made a few […]

The Journey Continues

My swimsuit is progressing swimmingly. Sorry, couldn’t help myself! Now that I’m getting into the construction of the actual suit, if there was one thing my activewear teacher never let me get away with, it was an exposed crotch seam. There is a note about this in the Bombshell sewalong, but of course I didn’t […]

The Journey Begins: the bombshell swimsuit

Way back in college, we had a class that rolled activewear, swimwear, and corsets all into one. At the time, I had knitwear on the brain, so delving deeper into these topics didn’t really excite me. Fast forward a decade and here I am sewing my first swimsuit, Bombshell by Closet case Files. Swimwear you […]

Sewaholic Saltspring Maxi Dress

This dress is the whole reason why I love to sew clothing for myself. I’m short and store purchased maxi dresses are not my friend. They drag all over the floor and make me look like I’m melting from the feet up. Capris aren’t my friend either, but we’ll save that story for another time. […]

Summer of ’69

  After a fairly tolerable June, Summer arrived in grand fashion last week in NYC with temperatures in the 90’s. For such occasions, the most I can imagine wearing is a comfortable dress. It’s easy to throw on and as I wait for the subway in unbearable conditions with sweat rolling down my face, at […]

Knitscene Accessories 2014: Pellissier Cowl

While I hope you’ve found all of my sewing projects interesting these last few months, I finally have some knitting to share! I’d like to introduce the Pellissier Cowl, which is a double-knit cowl inspired by the Art Deco building where I work. The first time I stepped into my building a little over two […]

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