Thoughts on Me Made May 2015

This year is the second time I’ve participated in Me Made May, a month long celebration of handmade garments. This year, I made my challenge a little more difficult. I pledged to wear at least three complete me made outfits each week. I’ve included a just a handful of the photos from the month for this post. […]

Reflections on Me Made May 2014

With my first Me Made May completed, I wanted to write up a little recap of my thoughts for the month and how the challenge worked out for me. Even though I didn’t post too many pictures on my Instagram feed, I can tell you that I faithfully met my proposed challenge of wearing three […]

Me Made May 2014

Since I’m sewing more, I thought it might be a nice challenge to participate in Me Made May ’14. What is Me Made May (or MMM for short)? Well, it’s when you make a pledge to wear a certain amount of hand made outfits throughout the month. The pledge is a personal one and you […]

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