Catching Up

October ended up being quite a busy month for me and because of that, I seem to be quite behind in my knitting and deadline projects. The next few weeks it looks like I am going to have to crawl back into my cave and knit up a storm! It won’t be so bad with […]

Part IV: A Day In the Life of a Sweater Designer

In part IV, I hope to give a better idea of what my typical day is like. So here we go! After partnering with a recruiter, I was sent on a few interviews over many months. Finally, I found the position I was waiting for, quit dollhouse, and set up shop across the street. I […]

Part III: My First Fashion Job

Thanks for the nice comments about the first part of my series on fashion school. I’m glad you guys are still interested! So here we go onto part 3, my first job. On May 22, 2002 I graduated at Radio City Music Hall with my BFA degree from FIT. Our guest speaker was Alec Baldwin […]

Part IIB: FIT Experience Years 3 and 4

Sorry for the delay in posting part B! I’ve been so busy lately, I don’t even know where everything came from! Without further delay………. Year 3 At the beginning of year 3, we were exposed to a few more areas of the industry before we chose our specialization for the second half of the year. […]

Part IIA: My FIT experience – 1st and 2nd year

My experience at FIT was a fairly positive one. I had some very interesting classes and sometimes I wish I was still there! Life was a lot simpler then, though I never realized it til I was out of school and in the sometimes very unforgiving fashion industry. When my friends from high school would […]

Part 1 – Fashion School

One way to get a very good working knowledge of the industry is to attend a college that offers courses in fashion design. Here are a few that I know to have a pretty good reputation from my personal experience: Fashion Institute of TechnologyParsons School of DesignMoore CollegePhiladelphia University (College of Textiles)Rhode Island School of […]

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