Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool 2015

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A spinning class, reunited friends, Rhinebeck house cats, knitting by the fire, lamb sandwiches, apple cider donuts, fleece, pretty trees, yarn, sheep, and snow! This pretty much sums up Rhinebeck 2015.

IMG_2291The beautiful trees steal the show every year

IMG_2259My friend Kathryn giving a Tunic sheep a smooch

My friend and I kicked off the weekend by taking a full day class from Amy King called “The Yarn That You Want.” I was attempting to spin something similar to BT Shelter and a sock yarn. My sock yarn came out pretty well and so did the Shelter attempt – even though it looked nothing like it! It’s been really fun learning about spinning and appreciating all the hard work that goes into learning something new. It’s so easy to take that for granted sometimes. I feel like the need for instant gratification can sometimes derail the learning process before you even get started.

IMG_2370Icelandic sheep horn diz and my attempt at spinning sock yarn

Saturday was the day of standing in line. A line to get in, a line for Jennie the Potter, the line to pay for my fleece, and the line for lunch. Too many lines! The festival was extremely crowded and we hardly ran into anyone we knew. Perhaps we were more focused on trying to get through the crowd with out stepping on others or being stepped on. I did however end up with some nice loot. Highlights included a 7 pound Tunis fleece and a beautiful handmade Cherry/Sapele wood Shaker sewing box.

 IMG_2359Jennie the Potter mug and bowl

IMG_2366Handmade Shaker sewing box in cherry/sapele wood


Sunday is always the more relaxed and less crowed day, but I think the cold weather kept a few more people away this year than usual. While getting ready on Sunday morning, we joked about it snowing on Rhinebeck weekend. Then at about 11am, flurries started falling from the sky. Thank goodness for Icelandic sweaters, lamb and barley soup and hot apple cider! Sunday gave us some time to check out the cute animals, watch the llama/alpaca obstacle course, and catch up with friends.

IMG_2329An extremely friendly Cormo sheep!

IMG_2345Emo sheep says hi!

I even spotted a copy of my book in the Briar Rose booth. I’ve been a fan of Briar Rose yarns for years and I finally got to meet the owner Chris. Their booth is always a must see at the festival.


This year, the festival seemed to go by so quickly! Perhaps it was a combination of dealing with the crowds, trying our best to warm up between snow flurries, or that there was so much to see. Whatever the reason, I’m already starting to plan for next year! I bought some Icelandic wool from a farm in Maine that is just begging to be turned into a warm Rhinebeck sweater…

IMG_2353Last apple cider donut of the festival

IMG_2355Thank you Rhinebeck, see you next year!


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