Thoughts on Me Made May 2015

Posted on | June 2, 2015 | 2 Comments

This year is the second time I’ve participated in Me Made May, a month long celebration of handmade garments. This year, I made my challenge a little more difficult. I pledged to wear at least three complete me made outfits each week. I’ve included a just a handful of the photos from the month for this post. The rest can be found on Instagram.


McCalls 6696

What I Learned

1) I’ve come really far since last year! This time last year, I was just starting to get my me made wardrobe together. I made it through the month comfortably with the garments I made throughout the last year.


Diplomat Dress

2) The weather was very good to me in regards to getting some sweaters into the mix as well. I have a pretty extensive hand knit sweater collection and this challenge was a great way to force me to think about getting more of them into the regular rotation.


Paulina + Cynthia Rowley Simplicity 2215 skirt

3) I really need to make a few more pairs of jeans! My Ginger Jeans saw a lot of action this month. Having a pair of me made jeans to throw in the mix this year was THE BEST!


Quintet (Spring 11 Twist Collective) + Kristen Kimono Tee + Ginger Jeans

4) I now have a better idea of wardrobe holes that I would like to fill in. Mostly I could use a few more separates so I can stretch what I have already even further.


Ondawa + Cynthia Rowley 2215 skirt

5) What I don’t want to acknowledge is that some of my handknits don’t work for me anymore. However, I’m not ready to let them go. Why is this so hard?

While I won’t necessarily miss taking photos most mornings before heading out to work, I am already looking forward to next year. Me Made May is a great way for me to mark progress, plan ahead, and enjoy a wardrobe I’ve created slowly with my own two hands.


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  • Peaceable Liberal

    Lots of beautiful things. Your Diplomat Dress is my favorite. It’s gorgeous!

  • Melissa Wehrle

    Thanks so much! My Diplomat dress is definitely one of my favorites. It’s just so easy to throw on in the morning, plus the fit was pretty good out of the package. Can’t recommend the pattern enough.