Jeans! I made Jeans!

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This post has actually been a long time coming (really long, this draft was started on January 3rd). I worked on perfecting the fit on these things, specifically the crotch curve, for about two months. Not a straight two months, mind you. However, if you ask my husband, I stared at my crotch in the mirror for 99 1/2 days. He’s very specific.

But anyway, jeans! These aren’t the best photographs around, but if I delayed any longer on the account of good photos, I might never post about them! Also ignore all of the wrinkles, those are from sitting on the subway.


I was lucky enough to snag a denim kit from Closet Case Files, which came with the lovely Ginger Jeans pattern, back in October. The denim included in the kit is some super high quality yardage that isn’t typically found in fabric stores. This denim, however, isn’t from the kit. This denim is some 3% Lycra stuff I picked up from Paron when Heather happened to be in town and helped a bunch of us select. She kept a good secret though, I had no idea her next pattern would be jeans.

This is actually my second pair of test jeans. The first was mutilated too badly to even finish sewing up. Before you start to think there is something wrong with the pattern, let me calm your fears. I’m just a perfectionist who is new to fitting pants and I wanted them to be perfect. Getting the perfect crotch curve was making me crazy. First there was a shelf, then wrinkles, then I added room in the hip to account for what I took out of the curve, then the wrinkles were back. I’d fool myself every time thinking I had figured it out, but then I moved and it was all over. I may have even stared at a few crotches on the subway to see how their jeans fit. I don’t recommend this. Not at all.

There came a point when I just had to let go or I was never going to have a pair of pants. After all the narcissism, I’m pretty happy with the result. I figure, this is still considered a wearable muslin and after wearing them a few times, I can tweek the pattern for next time if anything really bothers me. Of course there will be a next time, I have 5 yards of super special denim sitting here. I just want to make sure I have the fit I want before I take the scissors to it.


As far as alterations go, here’s what I did for my Gingers (I made view A):

– According to the size chart, I’m an 8 in the waist and a 6 in the hip. Since I was using a 3% stretch denim instead of the suggested 2%, I cut down a size (6 waist/4 hip). In the end, I cut down to a size 4 in the waist as well. I felt it held the high waist up better with less wrinkles in the crotch.

– I raised the front crotch 1/4″ but I’m not sure if that was correct or not. I may go back for the next round.

– I dropped the back 1/2″ with the corresponding 1/2″ drop to the back crotch. This helped with some of the gathers under my butt. I also scooped out the back a little at the bottom.

– I took the front thigh in 1/8″ and the back in 1″.

– I took out 5″ of the length.

Final thoughts? I’m just so darn excited that I made myself a pair of jeans. While I’m no longer holding myself to a strict “no buying clothes” rule this year, it certainly just got easier if I don’t have to purchase jeans anymore. I’ve worn this pair at least 2-3 times a week and my co-workers can’t believe that I made them. Considering I work in fashion, I take this as a major compliment.

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