First Sweater of 2015 and I Love It!

Posted on | March 1, 2015 | 5 Comments

Hello, my lovelies! If you’re in the Northeast, I hope you’re surviving the frigid weather we’re having by knitting tons of warm woolens. I have to say, there is nothing like bitter cold to charge up the knitting mojo. I’ve been on a bit of a roll since January and between trying to knit like the wind and participating in the Year of Making, I haven’t been very good keeping up with writing about everything. Instagram is just too darn easy and I’ve been lazy.

Without further ado, I present my first finished sweater of 2015 (well, the first that I can show you anyway)!



Ondawa by Michele Wang

Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in Fossil

Needles: US size 8 & 7 (I used the 7’s to knit two rows at the start of the rib. I felt it would help keep the edge neat and tidy)

I actually started this sweater back in November, thinking that I could complete it for National Knit a Sweater Month. Well, I guess it wasn’t cold enough back then to motivate myself to knit faster. Once I picked it back up at the end of January, I pretty much flew through the rest of the knitting. The back had been completed previously. The front was knit in about a week and the sleeves over 2 days.



I decided to make the sweater about 1 1/2″ longer than what the pattern called for. It’s still on the shorter side, measuring 19″ long, but when you have a boxier body like this, personally I think making it too long makes it look frumpy. Also, when the neck is wider, the body can be a little shorter without looking too short. That’s a tough one to explain, you’ll just have to trust me on that one!

The body and sleeve are knit in the smallest size. What’s great about this pattern though, is that it’s a big box that the sleeves are inserted to. If your muscle is a little larger or smaller than your bust size, not a problem, just choose whichever size works for you. I was a little worried that the smallest sleeves would be too small. They were SO TINY before blocking! But in my experience with Shelter, the piece will grow and bloom once washed and blocked. Also, the twisted rib and cables will relax making the fabric a little wider.


Ondawa was really fun to knit, the cable patterns weren’t that complicated, and I was able to memorize them after the first repeat or two. It’s rated a 4 out of 5, but I think if you are an adventurous knitter who has done a little cabling along the way, it shouldn’t be too hard for you. Plus, the front and back panels are straight. No worrying about shaping in pattern. The sleeves are shaped, but the twisted rib is worked up both sides. It’s not to hard to keep in pattern when it’s essentially 1×1 rib.

Final verdict? I love, love, love this sweater. It’s really comfortable to wear and it goes great with my high waisted Ginger Jeans (which I’m wearing in these photos). I probably should have gotten some better photos of the jeans while I had the hubby around, but I was in a bit of a rush. I promise one of these days I’ll show them off better in all their jeany glory. Maybe when we finally get some warmer weather.

What have you been knitting for yourself (or loved ones) to keep warm for the winter? Did the weather bring your knitting mojo back as well?


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  • Nettie

    This is absolutely amazing!

  • Heather Lou

    I am OBSESSED with this sweater pattern (way too advanced for my skills) so Literally squealed when I saw this. So so so so jealous.

  • Melissa Wehrle

    Thank you!

  • Melissa Wehrle

    It’s such a great pattern! If you keep at the knitting thing, you’ll get here eventually! How’s Bedford coming along?

  • Heather Lou

    Erm…. I’m maybe a third done the body? I pulled out my knitting bag for the first time last night since Christmas! I guess when I finally settle down to relax at the end of the night I don’t want to do ANYTHING but turn my brain off, but it means I’m never going to finish this sucker! I even emailed my aunt this week with a sweet little “if you ever need a new knitting project I have a few patterns I could send your way” email hoping she’ll crank out some Brooklyn Tweed for me, hahaha.