Snow Day!

Posted on | January 27, 2015 | No Comments

New York City doesn’t slow down very often, or for that matter, come to a complete standstill. A travel ban has been imposed and subway service has been suspended due to winter storm Juno, although as I write, things are slowly coming back to a slow trickle.

As a crafter, I’ll take it! Being stuck in my apartment for a day or two fills me with excitement. There is so much I want to work on and the biggest issue is always what to work on first. Having a unexpected day off from work must be used to its full potential. You won’t find any Netflix marathons going on here.


The office closed early yesterday and I used the extra time to start on my Watson bra. I managed to get most of it constructed in only a few hours, it went together pretty smoothly. Sadly, I won’t be able to finish it today since I wasn’t able to purchase a back hook closure last Friday. The only thing I was able to find in the garment center was a hook tape that I could cut to size. It just seemed unprofessional to me, so I passed. After doing some searching, it looks like that might be my only choice. How can that be garment center? I am disappointed in you!


Besides bra making, there has been a bunch of other stuff going on this month. I decided to participate in the year of making and have been documenting it with a photo a day on Instagram. I also finished my Ginger Jeans. I’ve had the post written up for a few weeks, but it’s been so cold, it’s hard getting motivated to take photos. I will show them off here as soon as I get some photos, promise.


And then there was Vogue Knitting Live, which I missed most of. I collapsed in a feverish stupor on Saturday and didn’t make it outside again until the following Tuesday. I did managed to make my class on Friday morning and make it to the marketplace that night to buy vintage buttons. I took a darning class with John Brinegar so I could finally learn how to repair my knits. One day, I would love to take a class with Tom of Holland, the king of visible mending. Man, that would be awesome.

So what are you doing on your snow day, if you were lucky enough to have one?






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