Fall is for Knitting

Posted on | October 2, 2014 | 2 Comments

I’ve been knitting! Aren’t you proud of me?IMG_0196.JPG

It really has been forever since I’ve posted a sweater project here. I think the last one I finished was…….I can’t even remember the name! I think it was back in January.

I started working on Hane while I was in Florida and when I returned I immediately cast on for Bedford. Not only am I back to knitting, but I have TWO projects on the needles! Although I will admit that Hane has taken the back seat to the wonders that is Bedford in BT Shelter.

When Jared created this yarn, the man certainly knew what he was doing. I think I could happily knit with nothing else for the rest of my knitting days. Watch out cashmere.

Bedford is going by just quick enough to enjoy, but just slow enough to savor. While my fingers sometimes pine for something a little more advanced, I’m enjoying the ride here. I’m also enjoying knitting for myself without deadlines hanging over my head. It’s taken a long time to get to the point of even wanting to knit, it’s been a bit of a rough haul.

But enough about that! Fall is here and Rhinebeck is on the horizon. It’s a good time to be a knitter.


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  • Samantha Nagtegaal

    Yep, I’m certainly proud of you! Lol! I’m finding there are quite a few similarities between where you are and I am in terms of where we are with what we’re doing (except you’re far ahead of me, especially as I have two small children!). I haven’t knitted for an age; I currently have Laar by Gudrun Johnston hibernating – I just can’t bear to pick up the never ending short row armhole I’m currently stalled on. I definitely neec some motivation to get knitting again, and my poor spinning wheel has been languishing, untouched, for months :(

    X Sam


  • http://neoknits.com Melissa Wehrle

    I’m finding that the colder weather coming on is a big motivator! Sometimes, if you can just clear the block, the inspiration to knit/spin/do comes back in waves.