The Journey Continues

Posted on | August 12, 2014 | No Comments

My swimsuit is progressing swimmingly. Sorry, couldn’t help myself!

Now that I’m getting into the construction of the actual suit, if there was one thing my activewear teacher never let me get away with, it was an exposed crotch seam. There is a note about this in the Bombshell sewalong, but of course I didn’t realize this until I already had my front lower body portion basted to the front lining (of course this is the first step)! I gave the exposed seam a whirl (all the time hearing my teachers voice in my head), but having an exposed seam in that area can be a little irritating. So I took out the stitching on the crotch and lower front body to redo it in a neater fashion…… and proceeded to sew the lining on the wrong way. The seam ripper is my friend.

After getting back on track, here is what the layers should look like before sewing the seam if you want a clean finish.


In order from top to bottom, the front lining is right side down, the back is right side down, and the bottom front layer is right side up. Pin it all together at the bottom and sew it up.

After you flip the bottom front over to meet the front lining, baste it onto the lining as per the beginning of the instructions. The suit will now have a neat crotch seam finish. My teacher approves.IMG_0090.JPG





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