The Journey Begins: the bombshell swimsuit

Posted on | August 6, 2014 | No Comments

Way back in college, we had a class that rolled activewear, swimwear, and corsets all into one. At the time, I had knitwear on the brain, so delving deeper into these topics didn’t really excite me. Fast forward a decade and here I am sewing my first swimsuit, Bombshell by Closet case Files.

Swimwear you say? But that seems so scary!

Not one bit. I won’t even need a serger to sew up this little beauty.

I gathered together all of my supplies a few weeks ago, although Thursday night I realized the sewing machine guy gave me ball points instead of stretch needles. Doh!

I realized I better get this project going since I leave for vacation in less than two one week. I started with basting together the lining fabric to check the fit. I almost skipped this step because, hello! Lycra! But I’m glad that I didn’t since I ended up taking about an inch out of the total body length.

Here she is all basted up with my changes. I can’t wait to see what she’ll look like in the real fabric!

Lining with fit adjustments


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