Oui, Oui! I Made Another Dress!

Posted on | August 28, 2014 | No Comments

For my trip to Florida, I decided that not only did I need a new swimsuit, but I needed to make a new dress for the occasion as well.

Robe Lucie

I found this amazing silk hibiscus print fabric at Mood back in May and had to have it. A nice, smaller scale Hawaiian print is hard to find and this color blue is amazing. I snagged 2 yards and called it a day.

I decided to pair the silk with the Lucie dress from Republique du Chiffon. If you couldn’t tell from the company name, it’s French. It just so happens the pattern is written all in French as well. Google Translator was a big help, particularly with things like, “this pattern does not include seam allowance.”

As far as fit modifications, since it’s big and loose, there wasn’t too much to do. I cut the exact size that corresponded to my measurements, but decided to bring the back neck drop up a little bit so it was bra friendly. I also added pockets. Apparently I can’t live without pockets in my dresses anymore, and why should I have to?

Robe Lucie

I went with the added piping option, which I think looks pretty awesome with the neon yellow. The original plan for the lining wasn’t contrast, I was going for black (so predictable, I know). The first lining I picked up from Paron was a little too heavy. They did carry black china silk, but I thought it was a little too sheer. When I headed back to Mood to find black china silk, to my surprise, they didn’t have any. How could this be?? Two cute little girls came to the rescue pointing me towards this bright chartreuse color. They were doing what little girls do while Mom was shopping for fabric for their flower girl dresses. Hiding in the racks, touching all the pretty fabric, and loving the velvet. To tell you the truth they really wanted me to buy the velvet, but the chartreuse was a close second.

Robe Lucie Back

Even with the translated instructions, I decided to go about the construction in my own way. The lining is separate from the body to avoid exposed seams and I used the burrito method to clean finish the upper body. Is there an actual term for this? Maybe, but burrito works for me.

The one thing about this  pattern is the skirt is self “drafted”. I put drafted in quotes because it’s not exactly hard, it’s just a big rectangle. It makes sense since the pattern is a PDF and why would you want to waste ink and paper printing out a rectangle? I guess what bothers me is the dimensions for the rectangle are the same for every size. So the smaller sizes are going to have a bit more gathering than the larger ones. I decided to get all fancy and do french seams on the skirt, and I ended up taking out about 2″ from the total circumference. Guess that isn’t too much, but it made me feel better about myself and that’s all that matters.

Once I finished, I wasn’t quite sure what to think of this dress. I haven’t worn this silhouette since the early 90s and it threw me off a little bit. Let’s face it, it’s not exactly the most flattering silhouette out there, but that’s OK, because it’s not supposed to be. Once I got over myself, I really like the dress and want to make more. It’s probably the most comfortable piece of clothing I’ve sewn so far. Maybe I’ll make a few more versions with sleeves, perhaps a button down front with a collar. Maybe even in a sunflower print? All hail the 90s!

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