Sewaholic Saltspring Maxi Dress

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This dress is the whole reason why I love to sew clothing for myself.

I’m short and store purchased maxi dresses are not my friend. They drag all over the floor and make me look like I’m melting from the feet up. Capris aren’t my friend either, but we’ll save that story for another time.IMG_1527

When I first saw the Saltspring dress by Sewaholic, I immediately knew I had to have it, but honestly I wasn’t even considering the maxi version. The years and years of maxi dress disappointment had taken it’s toll. IMG_1553

I bought a really bright crepe chiffon at Mood to make the knee length version, but wanted to test out the pattern before I cut into the best fabric in the world (it’s Betsey Johnson! Coming soon!) When my friend moved last year, she gifted me with lots of fabric and I found this lovely poly print in the box. It just so happened that I had enough to make the maxi version. I thought, why not? IMG_1557

I cut a straight size 6, which except for the hips, matches up with my measurements perfectly. While I maybe should have shaved a little off in the hip area since Sewaholic caters to pear shaped ladies, I don’t think it affects the look of the garment at all. The only other change I made was taking off about 4″ in the length. I think this is the first pattern ever in the history of my sewing where I have cut my suggested size and it actually fit! It’s the little things sometimes.      IMG_1560

The fabric was a little slippery to cut, but for the most part, it behaved while being sewn up. I probably could have done a little better on my seam finishing to keep it from unraveling, but I had hit the point of “I want to wear it tomorrow” and that was all she wrote. I also tried out this awesome technique for sewing a baby hem. It really worked! The only time I cursed was when the first time around, my bobbin ran out about 1/4 of the way through. Bobbins have a way of doing that at the worst time. Always.

I love the fit, the fabric, and the confidence it gives me when walking down the street. Some clothing just makes you feel so good and it’s nice when those clothes are something you made yourself!


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  • Laura Nelkin

    Isn’t weekend sewing fun? What a great new dress! And that baby hem tutorial? Totally saving it… looks perfect!

  • Kate Osborn

    It looks great on you! I’ve recently made two of these for myself and love them! I also made the size 6, and made both of mine without a zipper (they’re perfectly easy to slip on over my head). Removing those steps made the sewing that much faster. Can’t wait to see your BJ version!

  • Betty Ann Kaplan

    This is stunning! You are extraordinarily talented. There’s nothing like custom fit clothes and you certainly are an inspiration, proving that. I’m so thrilled to see this beautiful creation and so happy you’ve taken the time to share it. You rock! :)

  • Alexis Winslow

    Adorable dress, my dear. You’ve just been sewing up a storm! You’ve inspired me to haul out my sewing machine…

  • Melissa Wehrle

    Thanks Alexis! You should bring out the sewing machine, it’s a nice break after tons of knitting!

  • Melissa Wehrle

    Thanks Betty! It really is nice to be able to make custom clothes and I can’t wait to try out some more maxi dresses.

  • Melissa Wehrle

    Thanks Kate! I wondered if I could leave out the zipper entirely, it seemed like it would slip right on without problems. Maybe I’ll try that for the BJ version, especially since I couldn’t find a zipper that matched.

  • Melissa Wehrle

    Weekend sewing is the best, looks like you have been taking part a little as well! The baby hem tutorial was pure magic. It looked really great and that was after I ran out of bobbin thread and on the second try, I didn’t even bother to pin the band back on.

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