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I can’t believe we are almost through with July and more than half way through 2014 already. This also marks a milestone in my big goal, not buying any new clothing for the entire year.

I’ve been reflecting on my goal a lot over the past few weeks: what it means, how it makes me feel, what I’ve sewn for myself, and how much I’ve spent on fabric and a bit of yarn. Let’s just say that making clothing for yourself does not involve saving money!

This article from Bust magazine was circulating around Facebook a week or two ago and it was a great reminder why I am doing this. (It’s also a great read! Go take a look if you have a minute.) As the months go by and I see that this issue is still popping up, it feels good to do my part in my own little way.

I find that I don’t miss shopping at all. Honestly, I’m not really sure I ever enjoyed shopping that much. Being in the fashion industry has taught me a few things throughout the years. Mainly, I know that some price tags don’t match with the quality of the garment. I also know how much things cost on the manufacturers end. The other reason is I’m tired of seeing the same design being copied over and over again by different stores. Boring.

Yes, higher priced clothing is more original, better made, and depending on the designer, is made in acceptable conditions. However, those clothes aren’t exactly within my budget. Maybe when I catch up on clothing making, I can save up for an amazing piece or two.

As I’ve progressed through this project, it’s getting easier and easier to see the holes in my wardrobe. It’s also been fun experimenting with different choices. In the past, I don’t think I’ve ever gone more than 4 days a week without wearing jeans. Now I find myself only wearing them 1-2 days a week tops. Working with a limited wardrobe is also less overwhelming when getting dressed in the morning.

In regards to my clothing making, I’ve been more mindful about what I will and will not wear. Since my time is limited and I can’t just pop by the store if I need something, choosing a project that will work with my lifestyle is not negotiable. Fabric choice is a part of that as well. I seem to have a love affair with printed silk chiffon (specifically by Anna Sui), but there are only so many silk chiffon dresses one can own and wear on a daily basis.

So far, I’ve made seven pieces for myself this year. In a way, it doesn’t seem like much, but a project a month isn’t too shabby. For the next half of the year, I have a few things planned already, including a swimsuit for my vacation next month! I also have a sweater or two planned along with some vintage dresses and Liberty print projects.

I’ve already started to think about next year and I’m seriously considering making this goal a permanent part of my lifestyle. My only hang up? I still might eventually need to buy some jeans!





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  • nycbookwriter

    In the last 21 months I’ve bought four pair of jeans, three cardigans, one pullover sweater, three pair of running shorts, four sports bras, four pair of running/yoga pants, a handful of socks, some knickers, and about ten tank tops. Jeans because the weight changed drastically and my old pair has a hole and broken zipper.

    Point, I’m happier. My clothes last longer, fit better, and…I have less stress. ;). Can’t say it’s cheaper, as we know sewing and knitting isn’t as cheap as the lay person thinks…but it is worth it.