A Tasty Floral Macaron

Posted on | May 20, 2014 | No Comments

I finished my Colette Macron a few weeks ago, but it’s awfully hard to get a picture around here lately. I really need to get myself a tripod!

The process of fitting this dress was a little frustrating at first. When I cut out the pattern, I was in a little bit of a hurry and cut to all one size instead of grading at the waist. I added the missing inches back in, but the bust area fit my body terribly. See the gathering under my bust? That’s the problem.


A terrible iPhone shot in my smoked mirror

After a small bust adjustment, changing the position of the bust dart, and shortening the back by about 3/4″, things were looking good enough to finalize the pattern and cut my fabric.


And here she is! Macaron, just in time for Me Made May.


I choose a fine wale corduroy in a floral print from Paron that is not shy by any means. For the contrast, I ended up with a grey cotton/silk from Mood that I couldn’t get the wrinkles out of once I washed it. The wrinkles aren’t too noticeable after a good press, so I try not to worry about it.

The body is almost fully lined in yellow acetate or poly, I can’t remember what I bought. This was a necessity to keep the hem of the skirt in place while walking, especially if wearing leggings.



Overall, this dress was a huge success! I’m feeling more comfortable when adjusting fit on my muslins and getting back in the swing of things with my sewing. This marks my 4th finished project for my year of no shopping. Summer is coming though and I have quite a few sundresses, skirts, shorts, and tops on the agenda. I had better get going before my living room turns into a sweltering den of heat so thick that I can’t breathe!

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