Planning a Wardrobe

Posted on | March 20, 2014 | No Comments

photo(12)Now that Albion is finished and my hubby’s sweater is almost complete, I’m busy searching for my next knitting and sewing project.

Planning out my wardrobe is making the task of selecting a new project a little bit harder than usual. Normally, I see something I like and I make it. If it’s out of season, it’s OK, I’ll just wear it next year. If it can only be worn with one thing, that’s OK because I want to make it. But when you have made a pledge to not buy a single item of clothing, unless it is second hand, planning is a little more important if you want to have some clothes come the spring time. It’s also important that the things I make work together.

To make it a little bit less overwhelming, I’m going to start with fabric and patterns I already have in the stash. I have fabric for two dresses, a shirt, and a skirt.


On Monday, I headed over to Mood during my lunch hour to collect a few swatches for inspiration. I picked up some floral printed corduroy last summer to make a Macaron dress, but I wasn’t happy with the color of the green sateen that I purchased for the upper yoke and sleeves. I found a few good candidates in a light grey and brought them back to the office for further inspection under better lighting (speaking of, the color of the swatches above are very off!) Today I went back to Mood and the fabric I decided on was nowhere to be found. Argh! While I suppose it is possible that it sold out, the chances just seem very unlikely. On top of my disappointment, Mood was so busy, it was hard to get help, and discouragement set in quickly. Maybe I’ll try to find a replacement tomorrow when I’m less set on a particular fabric. I hope to get my fabric cut no later than the weekend, after all, tomorrow is the first day of Spring and I’m going to need some new clothes to wear!

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