A Much Needed Lazy Weekend

Posted on | March 30, 2014 | 3 Comments

Rain, rain, rain. It’s all I have heard beating on my windows all day long. Sounds like tomorrow will be more of the same along with Monday. Usually, rainy days are perfect for crafting, but today was for being lazy instead. Although I prefer to call it resting.

I hate feeling so guilty about laying in bed till 11, ordering in food from a place around the corner (literally), and watching Sherlock all day on Netflix. Not lifting a finger to work on any of my unfinished projects sometimes makes me a little anxious. After all, this is my precious weekend time, the only time I have long stretches to work uninterrupted on whatever I want. But sometimes, I just need a little break and I really shouldn’t feel so bad about it. This is what weekends should be about, right? While I enjoy being productive, running myself ragged certainly doesn’t help my cause.

I did spend a few hours watching my Sew The Perfect Fit Craftsy class at least. You can never go wrong with crafty education when lounging around in bed on a rainy Saturday. Also I am super excited by their newest update. I can now download my classes on my iPad to watch offline. My commute just got a lot more productive.

What are your guilty pleasures when taking a little break from your crafty pursuits? Don’t be shy, we’ve all been there.

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  • Claudine

    Better rain than snow!

  • neoknits

    I love snow!

  • http://work-in-progress.typepad.com Kathy