Albion progress update #1

Posted on | February 3, 2014 | 1 Comment

photoI finally had some free time this weekend, sans husband, to spread all of my muslin and pattern paper all over the floor and make a mess of the place. I vaguely remember now, that one of the reasons I don’t sew too much anymore, is how hard it is crawling along on the floor in your small living room cutting out pattern pieces.

Now that reality has set in, I’m going to have to work doubly hard on this goal of mine for 2014. Attempting to sew a wardrobe with space constraints is not exactly motivating. This is another reason why I love knitting so much, it’s portable and doesn’t take up much space (unless you have a huge stash, but who’s counting.)

My progress was a bit slow this weekend. I managed to cut out my muslin for the main body and sew it together.  Since this coat is cut for a man, I made a few adjustments to the shoulders and added a little bit of waist shaping. Nothing major. The next step was to fit the sleeve. I knew that it would be too big for my little arms, so I modified the pattern before cutting out the muslin. The adjustment I worked keeps the length of the sleeve cap seam the same, so no adjustments would be needed on the armhole. (Photo of adjustment is at the top of the post.)

After manipulating several layers of paper that did not want to lay flat, I cut out the muslin for the modified sleeve and sewed it onto the coat. By this point I was a little tired, so I probably should have stopped while I was ahead. I will admit, my sewing was a little sloppy, but the sleeve did not look good at all. There were new drag lines in the front of the sleeve  and the cuff was too tight. So much for being proactive and making pattern adjustments ahead of time!

I quickly ripped out the seam (thank goodness for basting stitches), made length adjustments to the original sleeve pattern and will attempt sleeve two tonight. The thing that I need to remember most during this project is sewing takes a lot more patience than knitting and I need to be kind to myself for being a little out of practice.


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  • vanessa

    this takes me back! I never really liked sewing. However, the satisfaction of not having to make your own fabric is pretty amazing :)

    Can’t wait to see more updates!