Wardrobe Architect

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The Wardrobe Architect

One of my goals this year is to make more of my own clothing. While I’m quite covered in the sweater area, my sewing has taken the back seat for the last 12 years. While attending FIT, I loved sewing. I made all sorts of things from leggings to tailored jackets complete with leopard lining.

This year, I am going to try and get back to my sewing roots by following along with The Coletterie to put together a wardrobe that suits me and hopefully will be partially handmade. It’s funny, even though I work in the fashion industry, I hate going shopping for myself. I guess part of it is due to the fact that I know what things cost. I know all the little secrets behind the scenes. I also know that not all companies are interested in a workers welfare. Unfortunately, because of the way the supply chain works, not even the retailers actually know where their clothing comes from all of the time. Fast fashion is all about price and the more we buy, the less they care.

I have been known to walk into a store, grab a big handful of clothes, and then walk out empty handed. Sometimes it’s because the fit is dreadful. But more often than not, I can’t bring myself to pay for things that are so poorly made. And with designer clothing being well out of my budget, this doesn’t leave me with too many options.

For me, this journey will be about perfecting my style in a conscious way, only purchasing things I really need. If I can’t make as much as I would like (which will most likely be the case), Buffalo Exchange will fill in the gaps. Buying second hand reduces the guilt factor for me, and while it doesn’t solve the problem 100%, it allows me to at least purchase higher quality designer clothing for a much more affordable price.

The first project I will be tackling for the year is Albion, a unisex duffle coat. Coats are a particularly sore subject for me. They are never warm enough, cost too much considering the quality, and I usually swim in them. I hope to hit up Mood at lunch over the next day or two for some fabric shopping. My plan is to find a nice teal colored wool and a fun contrasting lining fabric.

If you’d like to know more about the Wardrobe Architect, you can check it out on the Colette blog. Even if you don’t sew, the questionnaires may help lead you to pare down your wardrobe, eliminate impulse purchases, and help build a style of your very own, irregardless of trends.

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