Rhinebeck v.2012

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My Rhinebeck recap is a little late, but better late than never I suppose! Hurricane Sandy put a bit of a damper on any normal activities for the last week or so. NYC was hit pretty hard and I was lucky to be in an area that sustained little damage. My love and thoughts go out to all of those New Yorkers that didn’t have such an easy time during the storm. The city is slowly returning to our “new normal”, but it’s certainly been an emotional roller coaster this past week.

But for now, let’s escape to a happier time when sheep filled our every thought and my friend Kathryn and I were kissing our lamb sandwiches!

As always, Rhinebeck was pretty awesome. How can you go wrong with more sheep, yarn, and lamb sandwiches than meets the eye?

This year, I stayed close by with a bunch of friends which allowed for a leisurely two days to tour the Dutchess County Fair grounds. The weather could not have been more gorgeous and the leaves on the drive up from the city were spectacular. I love being able to attend on Sunday as well. The grounds are slightly less crowded which makes an already enjoyable experience that much better.

The only thing on my agenda was to snag my Jennie the Potter mug as soon as I arrived. Apparently others had the same idea! Even though I was at the gate when the fair opened and went straight to her booth, when I arrived, the line was already down the aisle. I’m really happy for Jennie and the fan base she’s built up throughout the years, but the selfish part of me wants to scream, “but I found her first!” Her mugs are awesome and I want them all to myself. There, I said it! This time around, I did not end up with a mug. I picked up a cool vase with a scissor design instead. It was made with a new clay base that allows her to be a little more detailed with the sketching. I’ll be interested to see how her designs evolve from here.

I promised myself I would not buy any more yarn, which is my usual resolution. I just don’t need it. I’m particularly drawn to heather grey sheepy wool, but I have quite a collection already, so it makes it easy to say no. Then a skein of skinny bugga from Cephalopod yarns in the most beautiful blush pink caught my eye. I cracked and it came home with me. I’m not sorry.

And of course, a Rhinebeck recap post wouldn’t be complete without cute animal pictures. Until next year!


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