Neoknits patterns, now available in JKnit format

Posted on | January 31, 2012 | 1 Comment

When Julia from JKnit contacted me about selling my patterns within their company’s new iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad app, I was intrigued. I had checked out other knitting apps for the iPhone before, but they really fell short of my expectations. Julia sent me a copy of the app, I immersed myself in a few video tutorials (short and sweet), and got started converting my patterns into the JKnit format.

The store launched last week and I am excited to announce that four of my patterns (Grannie Smith, Cohansie, Sesame, and Idylewylde) are now available in JKnit format, with more on the way! With the recent update to the app, the user now has the option of purchasing patterns already formatted for JKnit along with the typical PDF file you’re familiar with (it now has a PDF viewer within the app).

Can I just say that I absolutely love this app! I really can’t say enough good things about it. JKnit has become a necessary part of my knitting and designing toolbox. To me, it’s one of those things like Ravelry, you don’t know how you ever lived without it. I use it every. single. day.

Previously, the user had to convert their knitting patterns into the JKnit format. The JKnit format is a special way of inputting the pattern so you can use it in the app. Basically, the app has a creating pattern section (available in Pro version only) and a counter section. To knit from the pattern, the knitter uses the counter function to click the counter after each row is complete. As you click each row, the pattern is displayed in a line by line format so you know exactly what to do. It keeps track of any stitch patterns, stitch counts, shaping (it even easily tracks “at the same time” directions!!!), and height “events” (JKnit speak).

If you’re like me and have ever knit a bazillion rows past your shaping because you’re in another world, forgot to do something “at the same time”, or missed starting your armholes when the back measured 15″ long, this app is a project saver. Having a counter that keeps track of where you are means you are less likely to have to frog any of your work back. You still have to remember to click the counter of course, but boy has it saved me a lot of time! Another plus? If you come back to your project a year later, no more wondering where you are in the pattern. Your place is saved for you.

If you’d like to learn more about the app, try the following links:

JKnit – main site – online knitting pattern store

JKnit users group on Ravelry

KnitPoint on Facebook






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  • Lynn

    Looks really cool but I’m one of the few people left on Planet Earth without an I anything. Still, I’ll check out the website.