The Answer Everyone Wants to Know

Posted on | October 22, 2007 | 9 Comments

What does everyone want to know? What was your haul at Rhinebeck of course!

I walked away pretty light this year. I purchased an alligator scarf kit from Morehouse and 5 skeins of natural colored wool from Maple Creek Farms.

Aligator scarf

maple creek yarn

The alligator was cast on immediately after walking in the door on Saturday night. It’s been a really fun knit so far. So simple, yet so clever!


Slip Stitch Jacket

I did manage to finish my slip stitch jacket (well, it just needs hooks), but it was a bit too warm to wear so it stayed home. Grannie #2 filled in instead. And speaking of the slip stitch jacket, can you believe I had to make one more emergency trip to Knitty City on Thursday to finish it up! So the grand total was 4 extra skeins! How could this be considering I was right on gauge? I’m not quite sure. Maybe the company might be able to help me out on that one.

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  • Veronique

    Ooh, that natural colored wool looks very nice… What a great find :)
    I’m sure you’ll get to wear your super soft slip stitch jacket once the weather cools down. (If it ever does). In the meantime, your Grannie #2 looked very pretty.

  • Connie

    Wow, you’re a speedy knitter. Look at how much progress you’ve already got done on the scarf!

    And the slip stitch jacket is gorgeous! Sorry it was too warm to wear.

  • Sandra

    i love that crocodile scarf so much!h

  • carrie

    that jacket is going to be so darn fierce! and i can’t believe how much of the crocodile scarf you’ve finished.

  • gleek

    that crocodile scarf is totally cool :)

  • schrodinger

    I so had my eye on that scarf at morehouse, it is tres cool :) Shame it was too warm for the slip stitch jacket, not long before it will be cool enough though…

  • trainlady

    I loved the alligator scarf so much. I’m knitting it vicariously through others since I just couldn’t justify it this time.

  • sturdygirl

    the jacket is totally cool! seems like you finished it really fast, too. crazy about the 4 extra skeins needed.

  • triggerhippie

    so, i am one front panel short of finishing the slip stitch jacket. i am right on gauge, too, and so far i am two and a half extra skeins in! i thought it was just me. also, any tips for the reversal of the front panel? i was frustrated that, with all the short rows, they wouldn’t write that out for me. and now i have to do it. and i’m almost ready to punch teva durham in the face.